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Why Become a Mentor?

By 30 June, 2019News

An effective mentoring relationship has the potential to create successful leaders and the odds are you have benefited from such a relationship throughout your career.  Perhaps at various points in your career, you have also been a mentor in some capacity, even if informally.

Typically speaking a mentor relationship is voluntary on both sides but can occasionally result from a relationship between a manager and their team. The idea behind the concept of mentoring is somewhat charitable with the more successful, senior member of the duo passing on information they have learned to someone who will benefit from their experience. Likewise, a mentee has the opportunity to collaborate with the mentor and contribute a different perspective.

Although many people may have had an informal mentoring experience, there can be great benefit from goal setting through formal mentoring. This allows the opportunity to enhance your people and leadership skills as you work with individuals at different points in their careers. You can learn fresh perspectives from future members of your profession and increase your profile.

Mentoring is more than giving advice, it’s about collaboration and empowerment. It’s a chain of passing on information and best practices, spreading the benefits more widely. So empower yourself to empower someone else and sign up to be a mentor today.

To participate in CACC’s Mentoring Pilot Program, powered by Thread, please email your expression of interest to – please state in subject line if you are a Mentor or Mentee.


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