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Professional Mentoring Pilot

The Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce its first pilot Canadian Australian Mentoring Program (CAMP) for Canadian professionals working in Australia. This program will be offered to Canadians who are living and working in Australia under the following visas: Working Holiday Visa (417), Student Visa (000) or Employer Sponsored Visa (457)

This pilot program is in partnership with Canadian led start up Thread and will initially be open to young professionals working in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

The aim of this initiative is to assist Canadians working in Australia with the cultural business nuances found within the Australian business work environment. The intention of the program is to improve their overall career experience whilst working in a foreign country.

Thread is an online mentoring platform that supports organisations in developing future leaders.  This program is free of charge, however participants must be a CACC member in order to apply. Please note that all applications are subject to an assessment process.

To register your expression of interest, please email

Why Mentoring?

Collaborate & Empower

An effective mentoring relationship has the potential to create successful leaders and the odds are you have benefited from such a relationship throughout your career.  Perhaps at various points in your career, you have also been a mentor in some capacity, even if informally.

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Looking For A Mentor?

Find Out What You Need To Know

From Dumbledore to Yoda, mentors are a part of our culture. So much so that they are some of the best-known film and television characters. They are responsible for guiding the hero through their journey or putting them on a path of self-discovery. One might find themselves wondering, do I have a mentor in my life? Who would I consider a mentor? What is a mentor?

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