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Unlocking Business Opportunities with Invest Alberta

By 20 February, 2024News

The Canadian-Australian Chamber of Commerce hosted a private luncheon at Clayton Utz’s Perth Office, with the honored presence of Invest Alberta‘s CEO Rick Christiaanse and Managing Director for Asia, Adeel Ahmad.

Rick Christiaanse dove into a rich discussion, starting with the recognition of our unique positions in the world—how Alberta and Western Australia, with their stunning landscapes and resilient communities, share similar challenges and mutual opportunities.

We discussed how Alberta is transitioning its oil and gas sector, a bold step towards decarbonisation that both regions can draw lessons from.

PICTURED (left to right): Jackie Leggett, CACC Western Australia Committee’s Secretary and Kirsty Moore, CEO of Indigenous Business Australia

The integration of First Nations into economic projects in Alberta emerged as a beacon of progress, highlighting the importance of respecting and including indigenous communities in our journey towards economic advancement.

Technology’s transformative power was another point of discussion. Both regions are leveraging technological advancements in natural resources, especially in areas like carbon capture and clean energy.

PICTURED (left to right): Rick Christiaanse (CEO – Invest Alberta), Tara Roy (Co-Chair of CACC Western Australia Committee) and H.E. Mark Glauser (High Commissioner for Canada to Australia)

With agriculture, a vital sector for both economies, we examined how we can use new technologies to enhance productivity and address decarbonisation.

A heartwarming aspect of the dialogue was the focus on building stronger indigenous-to-indigenous trade relationships. It’s an area with plenty of potential for economic development and cultural exchange. Attendees shared insights into fostering partnerships that are built on respect, understanding, and mutual benefits.

PICTURED (left to right): Juli Bellinge (Member - CACC Western Australia Committee) and Melissa Wharton (CEO - Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce)PICTURED (left to right): Juli Bellinge (CACC Western Australia Committee Member) and Mel Wharton (CEO – Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce)

In essence, the boardroom luncheon wasn’t just a celebration of shared challenges and achievements; it was a beacon for Australian investors looking to explore new horizons. Alberta’s journey towards a sustainable and inclusive future is paved with opportunities for investment, innovation, and partnership. As we reflect on the discussions, it’s clear that the journey ahead is one we are better off taking together.

The Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce (CACC) is a non-profit, volunteer based organisation that aims to bring businesses together to facilitate a strong environment for economic trade and investment between Canada and Australia. 

Written by Juli Bellinge

CACC Western Australia Committee 

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