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CACC Unveils It’s New Québec Committee

By 20 March, 2024News

The Canadian-Australian Chamber of Commerce (CACC) is thrilled to announce the establishment of its new Québec Committee, a landmark initiative aimed at fostering the dynamic relationship between Canada and Australia. As we edge closer to celebrating two decades of bilateral excellence in 2025, the CACC continues to stand as the only trade organisation operating in both nations, with a network of over 30 sponsors, including Air Canada and CDPQ, many of whom are headquartered in the heart of Québec. Our community has flourished to encompass more than 4,200 engaged members and over 70 dedicated volunteers, a testament to the vibrant collaboration that defines our collective journey.

The Commercial and Cultural Bridge

The commercial relationship between Canada, with Québec as a pivotal contributor, and Australia is built on a foundation of strong and mutually beneficial trade links. Key sectors driving this bilateral trade include aerospace, education, and renewable energy, reflecting a shared commitment to innovation and sustainable development. These sectors not only contribute significantly to our economies but also offer a canvas for collaboration and growth.

Beyond commerce, our countries share deep-rooted cultural ties that date back to the 19th century, when John Short Larke became Canada’s first trade commissioner in Australia in 1895. As members of the Commonwealth and the Five Eyes alliance, Canada and Australia cherish a legacy of cooperation and shared values. Our love for sports transcends borders, with AFL Canada and “ice hockey” in Australia brings our communities together. Moreover, our affection for iconic foods like vegemite and maple syrup, and our experiences of extreme weather and vast landscapes, mutually defines our societies.

Volunteers and Sponsorship Opportunities

Becoming a volunteer at the CACC is an opportunity to be at the forefront of fostering international relationships. Our volunteers gain invaluable experience in international trade and commerce, network with influential leaders, and contribute to the growth of Canada and Australia’s economic and cultural ties.

For our corporate sponsors, being part of the CACC means being visible and network within an influential community. It is also a unique platform to demonstrate leadership, commitment to global commerce, and support for the continuous exchange of innovations between Canada and Australia.

As we welcome the Québec Committee into our fold, we stand on the edge of a new era of collaboration and growth. The Canadian-Australian Chamber of Commerce invites you to join us in this exciting journey, to strengthen the bonds that unite our nations, and to explore the limitless possibilities that our partnership holds.

Together, let’s continue to build bridges, not just between Canada and Australia, but between businesses, cultures, and communities. A warm welcome to the CACC Québec Committee!


The Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce (CACC) is a non-profit, volunteer based organisation that aims to bring businesses together to facilitate a strong environment for economic trade and investment between Canada and Australia. 

Written by Juli Bellinge

CACC Western Australia Committee 

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