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There is a buzz in the air in Toronto that can be felt from 15,000km away in Australia. Since the Sydney-based Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce (CACC) was reinvigorated four years ago, it has gone from strength to strength. The CACC now boasts more than 30 volunteers, as well as some incredibly high-profile corporate sponsors and members. The focus is now on expanding the Canadian arm of the Chamber.

Following the successful launch of the Melbourne Committee of the CACC 12 months ago, a Toronto Committee is now being established to increase the Chamber’s volunteer and supporter base.

The Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce (CACC) is a non-profit, business-focused organisation that aims to build business connections and assist trade and investment as a means to bring Canada and Australia closer together.

The CACC was established to strengthen business relationships between the countries, making it easier for companies to establish themselves in both Canada and Australia.

The Toronto Committee is now calling for expressions of interest from potential members and volunteers interested in sharing business expertise that will further enhance Canadian-Australian trade and investment relationships.

People with connections to or business interests in these countries who want to assist in strengthening these ties should get in touch with the Chamber to get involved.

The Toronto Committee will be headed up by directors Greg McNab and Ross Campbell.

Mr McNab has a strong history with the Toronto arm of the CACC, dating back to 2009, while Mr Campbell has recently joined the Toronto arm after relocating from Sydney where he was heavily involved in the Australian arm. Both have a passion for strengthening business relationships, trade and investment between the two countries and are excited about the new opportunities in store for Toronto.

Mr Campbell said being part of the Chamber created enormous opportunity to network with highly experienced entrepreneurs.

“We want to attract people who have a connection with both Canada and Australia, expatriates, Canadian companies looking to expand into Australia and people in the banking sector who want to take advantage of the networking functions we offer.

“The Chamber’s mandate is very simple – to facilitate and encourage trade and investment between Canada and Australia – and the best way to achieve that is to have a broad network of business entrepreneurs with interests in both countries.”

Mr McNab’s involvement stemmed from his work as an international lawyer at Baker McKenzie, which has offices in both countries. He says the Chamber promotes trade and business through social events, corporate functions and networking. “A highlight on the calendar every year is the annual Australia Day function in Toronto,” Mr McNab said. “What started as a very focussed and narrow relationship has now blossomed into something much more powerful.”

Mr Campbell said he was hoping to build on the momentum and success that had been achieved in Australia.

“It is really important that we continue the advancements we have made over the past four years in Australia and use the momentum that exists within the Chamber to expand that into and throughout Canada,” he said.

Mr Campbell said the Chamber would build on their success in Melbourne to establish the Toronto committee.

“Now we have a formula that works and we can use that model to further develop opportunities here in Canada,” he said.

“It is a fabulous opportunity for people to meet like-minded businesses entrepreneurs with connections to Australia.”

“The Chamber has an impressive reputation and is highly regarded both in the business sector and among the Australian and Canadian governments. That reputation has allowed us to attract fantastic people and amazing volunteers who are thoroughly engaged in what we are doing and willing to devote their own time to advance the Chamber’s cause.”

Mr McNab said expanding the Toronto arm of the Chamber was about creating opportunities for businesses and fostering meaningful connections for members.

“By expanding the Chamber’s reach in Toronto, we hope to be able to run a broader array of events that are open to members, the broader community and anyone interested in advancing our mission,” he said.

“These events are intrinsic to fostering valuable connections that improve the way we do business between the two countries.”

Mr McNab said the development of the Toronto Committee would enable the Chamber to deliver greater value for its sponsors and to have a more visible presence in Canada.

“Since its inception, the Chamber has had involvement from a wide range of businesses, including airlines, financial services, legal and accounting firms. We do not focus on any particular type of business but rather all businesses with connections between Australia and Canada.”

“If you are setting up a business in Australia, you probably already have a certain business focus that translates between the two countries and those are the businesses we are targeting to get involved in the Chamber. We want to have the broadest base of businesses for people to learn from.”

To join the Toronto Committee of the CACC, get in touch via email

The Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce (CACC) is a non-profit, business-focused organisation that aims to build business connections and assist trade and investment as a means to bring Canada and Australia closer together. 



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