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The Evolving Landscape of Customer Experience: Exploring Generative AI

By 31 May, 2024News

The dynamic world of customer experience (CX) is being reshaped by the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). McKinsey’s latest State of AI report reveals that over half of businesses are now dedicating more than 5% of their digital budgets to AI initiatives, with ChatGPT standing out as a notable platform capturing significant market interest.

PICTURED (left to right): The Honourable Scott Ryan (Australian High Commissioner to Canada) and John Roberts (Associate Deputy Minister and Chief Data Officer of Ontario)

Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce’s (CACC) recent panel discussion in Toronto on May 28, 2024, hosted by corporate partner KPMG, on Generative AI (Gen AI) and its impact on CX brought together experts to dive into this transformative technology. Melissa Wharton, CEO of CACC, opened the session with her welcome remarks. The event kicked off with remarks from The Honourable Scott Ryan, Australian High Commissioner to Canada, who underscored the importance of Canadian-Australian collaboration on policy, practices, and privacy as it relates to the emerging AI landscape. John Roberts, Associate Deputy Minister and Chief Data Officer of Ontario, followed with insights on the critical role of data management and privacy in the AI landscape, highlighting the need for robust governance to ensure ethical AI practices.

PICTURED (left to right): Chitra Sridar (Head of Services for KPMG’s Data & Analytics Centre of Excellence), Isaac De Souza (Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technology Risk Officer – BMO), Amol Shah (General Manager, Americas Data & AI – Microsoft Canada), and Alexis Zamkow (Intelligent Marketing Global Offering Leader – IBM)

Smita Challu Tulsani, Co-Chair of the CACC Ontario Committee, introduced the panel and moderator. The diverse panel featured industry leaders: Alexis Zamkow, Intelligent Marketing Global Offering Leader from IBM, Isaac De Souza, Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technology Risk Officer from BMO, and Amol Shah, General Manager, Americas Data & AI from Microsoft Canada, moderated by Chitra Sridar, Head of Services for KPMG’s Data & Analytics Centre of Excellence. The panelists brought a balanced view to the session with thought provoking discussion.

Key Insights and Highlights

One crucial topic was the distinction between generative AI and traditional AI. Alexis Zamkow emphasized the future necessity of marketing to large language models (LLMs), as they will act as consumer filters. This shift highlights the importance of data sourcing, structuring,  and governance. Alexis reiterated the point: “Garbage in, garbage out.” Effective AI models depend on clean, accurate, and configured data to deliver quality outputs.

PICTURED: The Honourable Scott Ryan (Australian High Commissioner to Canada [far left]), Isaac De Souza (Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technology Risk Officer – BMO [centre]), Mel Wharton (CEO, CACC [second from right]), and guests.

Amol Shah addressed the biases inherent in AI models, urging organizations to recognize and mitigate these biases. He shared how Microsoft is embedding AI capabilities into everyday tools, envisioning a future where AI, like Microsoft Copilot, becomes a standard assistant in meetings.

Isaac De Souza explored the balance between data privacy and convenience. He noted that consumers often trade privacy for convenience, and understanding this trade-off is key to responsible AI use. The discussion also covered ethical AI practices, ensuring ethical and responsible personalization.

Generative AI in Practice

Alexis Zamkow shared practical insights on applying generative AI in marketing. She stressed that off-the-shelf solutions like GPT need customization to capture a brand’s unique voice. This tailoring is essential for achieving impactful marketing results. Alexis’ insights highlighted the need for marketers to go beyond generic AI tools and invest in bespoke model training.

PICTURED: Alexis Zamkow (Intelligent Marketing Global Offering Leader – IBM)

The panel also delved into how AI enhances CX by enabling scalable personalized experiences. Leveraging AI allows businesses to create more tailored interactions, deepening customer loyalty and satisfaction.

AI’s Future

The evening wrapped up with a forward-looking discussion on AI’s future. Predictions centered around integrating AI into various tools and platforms, transforming our work and daily interactions. Amol Shah’s example of Microsoft Copilot as a meeting assistant illustrated this vision, where AI seamlessly supports our everyday activities.

PICTURED: Kareem Sadek (Partner, Advisory, Tech Risk – KPMG)

Kareem Sadek, Partner, Advisory, Tech Risk for KPMG provided closing remarks on the panel discussion that shed light on the transformative potential of generative AI in customer experience. From tackling biases and ethical concerns to harnessing AI for personalized marketing, the event highlighted the strategic importance of AI implementation. As businesses continue to invest in AI, understanding its nuances will be key to unlocking new levels of customer satisfaction and engagement.

The Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce (CACC) is a non-profit, volunteer based organisation that aims to bring businesses together to facilitate a strong environment for economic trade and investment between Canada and Australia. 

Written by Cyrus Sadaghiani

CACC Ontario Committee

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