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Make the most of your gap year and working-holiday by gaining international professional experience. By taking part in CAMP (Canadian Australian Mentoring Program), you will develop on both a professional and a personal level, which can lead to greater career prospects. The possibilities are endless and it’s all about what you will make of your Overseas Experience. With CAMP, you can get some guidance on the local job market and career pathways.

Workplaces in other countries may be very different to the one you are familiar with back home. Through CAMP you will have the opportunity to connect with local professionals, have meaningful intercultural experiences, and gain new perspectives. It will help you navigate sometimes tricky dialect differences, accents or cultures. Even if both countries speak the same language, you may find that there are differences between what a phrase means at home and what it means in the country you are visiting.

It’s also important to understand nuances in workplace attitudes. A mentor can help you with this as they help you navigate a sometimes tricky workplace culture. So if you’re coming to Sydney, NSW from Sydney, Nova Scotia you might find things easier if you have the support of a trusty mentor.

To participate in CACC’s Mentoring Pilot Program, powered by Thread, please email your expression of interest to – please state in subject line if you are a Mentor or Mentee.

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