First Stop…Melbourne – CACC celebrates Air Canada’s Direct Route to Melbourne

By 3 October, 2018News

The Canadian Australia Chamber of Commerce (CACC) congratulates corporate sponsor, Air Canada, on its inaugural non-stop flight from Melbourne to Vancouver at a special event at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport on Sunday, 3 December 2017.

Among those officially celebrating Air Canada’s non-stop flight between Melbourne and Vancouver were representatives from the CACC, Canada’s High Commissioner to Australia, dignitaries from the Government of Victoria, executives from Air Canada, Melbourne Airport and Vancouver Airport – as well as the many passengers about to board the flight.

The greatest commonality between the CACC and Air Canada is its shared interest in bringing Canada and Australia closer together. And with Air Canada now flying to its newest destination in Australia, two of the world’s most livable cities just became a little closer.

The CACC welcomes this new route as it stands to simplify trade and travel between the two countries.

Forthose who travel, or have products shipped between Melbourne and Canada, the journey between the two countries is shortened by several hours as transiting via another major Australian hub is no longer necessary.

Currently, direct flights between Melbourne and Vancouver are operating seasonally, four times weekly until 4 February 2018 with year-round service commencing 1 June 2018.

For those who travel beyond Vancouver, seamless connections are expected through in-transit pre-clearance facilities for Air Canada’s extensive domestic networks within Canada and the US.

Supporting investment between Australia and Canada, the CACC acknowledges the significant investment that Air Canada has made with over $1 billion in capital assets in Australia.

Travelling more than 13,000 km, this direct flight between Melbourne and Vancouver is the longest non-stop flight presently flying out of Melbourne.

Air Canada’s st ate-of the-art Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner now directly connecting Melbourne and Australia, really is a dream come true.

The CACC and Air Canada, bringing Canada and Australia closer together.


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