WEB DISCUSSION: Mind Your Mojo – Stress: Signs, Symptoms + Coping Strategies


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Sydney, NSW, AU, 2000

Mind Your Mojo with a Cup of Joe – hosting short weekly discussions around mental health during this time of unprecedented change & uncertainty.

The Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce and SME member, Angela Smith, invite CACC members to connect over a cuppa on Wednesday mornings to look after our mental wellbeing and boost our resilience to stress.

In the last few weeks, because of COVID-19 most businesses have been focused on navigating the new normal. Now it’s time to pause and take a few moments to look after you. Because we know, for a business to thrive, its people must be first healthy and well.

Over four Wednesday mornings, Angela will share aspects of her Mind Your Mojo© program with our members via Zoom. These sessions are a chance for you to connect with the CACC community and to consider creating (or, perhaps recalling), positive resilience habits.

For many, working remotely is something new and can be challenging. Join us by starting Wednesday mornings with the Mind Your Mojo with a Cup of Joe sessions to connect, caffeinate and create resilience.

Who should attend:

  • Any CACC member who may be struggling to adapt to recent changes
  • Any professional needing practical solutions to creating a work-at-home structure
  • Anyone needing to build their resiliency






FOUNDER & FACILITATOR, Mind Your Mojo© Program

Easy-going with a good sense of humour, Angela is a natural storyteller who brings a whole-hearted, practical approach to resilient wellbeing in every corporate environment she is welcomed in to.

As a survivor and a ‘thriver’ of emotionally charged, high stakes and high stress environments, Angela supports professionals to positively integrate being fully committed without becoming fully consumed, burned out and ineffectual.

Formerly a Senior Communications Advisor to several Victoria Government ministers as well as to a number of Canadian diplomats, where she often managed crisis communications. Angela has the lived experience of how a professional’s personal wellbeing can directly impact performance and a company’s reputation and bottom line.

“In order to do my job well, I’ve had to be well. I never knew when I’d have to manage aspects of a bomb scare or public health issue.”

Through her Mind Your Mojo© programs, Angela guides professionals to foster positive habits to counter the negative impacts of stress by focusing on four specific aspects of resilience: social, emotional, physical and mental resilience. Her program emphasises how over time, positive resilience habits can become hard wired into the brain, ultimately boosting one’s resilience.

The foundation of Angela’s mindfulness programs can be found in the practices of Eastern contemplative traditions that she has practiced and studied for more than three decades, as well as the contemporary science that validates the benefits of these practices.

In addition to being a Hatha Yoga teacher as recognised by Yoga Australia, Angela is also a student, studying Mindfulness and Resilience to Stress in the Workplace through the University of California at Berkeley and has also completed a program designed for legal professionals, Mindfulness for the Legal Mind.

Angela shares simple yet profound ancient techniques expressed in a modern way. She shares decades of experience with these practices through public speaking events, retreats and corporate wellness programs – all of which are personally meaningful, practical and even a little bit of fun.

Notable clients and recent speaking engagements include: Accru Hobart, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, HLB Mann Judd (Sydney), Russell Kennedy Lawyers, Yellowfin, Australasian Legal Practice Managers Association (ALPMA), AustLaw.




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8:50AM – Q&A

9:00AM – Meeting Concludes


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