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  • 04 May 2017 10:27 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Each year the Canadian Government offers opportunities to young Canadian university students or recent graduates to fill contract positions in various government agencies. The High Commission of Canada in Australia is seeking a candidate who is interested in obtaining work experience in international affairs, government relations, trade policy/market access, public diplomacy or in other areas where there is a specific requirement.

    The position will provide the successful applicant with an opportunity to be involved in an area of government to government affairs and to gain a general understanding of Canada-Australia relations.

    The successful applicant will be mainly involved in the promotion of the Canadian food industry through assisting in the facilitation of Canada’s involvement at the Fine Food Australia trade show, being held in Sydney, 11th to 14th September 2017.

    The program is open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who either are enrolled in or have graduated from colleges and universities in Canada and Australia.

    The term is for around four months commencing in early June 2017.

    Remuneration and Benefits
    The successful applicant will be paid the Australian (AUD) equivalent of CAD 2,000 per month with no deductions. For Canadian income tax purposes, the contractor will receive a T-1204.

    To learn more, visit

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    Hosted by BlueChilli, CACC is pleased to present a panel of Canadian Entrepreneurs as they share their unique experiences, learnings and achievements during their journey of starting their own business in the land down under.

    If you are an entrepreneurial Canadian on a Working Holiday interested in business, or just someone looking to be inspired by exemplary Canadian/Australians then this exciting event is for YOU!

    Guests speakers include:  Ronald Tucker (CEO, BiTrade Australia), Luther Poier (CFO, Blue Chili), Jeff Downs (CEO, Redback Conferencing) and Sarah Mak
     (Managing Director, The Story Boxes & Co-Founder, FolkTales). Sarah turned her Australian Working Holiday into an award-winning collaborative storytelling studio. You can watch Sarah Mak’s story here:

    The event will be held on Thursday the 27th of April from 5:30-7:30pm at 125 York Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000.

    You can find out more about the event and register your interest in attending here Spaces are limited, so please register to avoid missing out!

    To attend the event you need to register as a CACC member. Registration to become a member is FREE and you can stay in touch with the CACC by recieving newsletters and notification of upcoming CACC events. To register, fill in this online application form

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    The Fair Work Ombudsman has released a ‘Record My Hours’ app to address and prevent the underpayment of Working Holiday goers in Australia. 

    The new app allows workers to easily record the time they work by aggregating data using geofencing technology to track when the employee arrives and leaves the workplace each day. 

    Natalie James from the Fair Work Ombudsman has said that ‘the app would be a valuable back-up for workers when employers failed to meet their record-keeping obligations.’ 

    James further stated that ‘downloading this app won’t cost you a cent, but it could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you are concerned that you are not being paid your correct entitlements.’ 

    The Record My Hours app is available in 12 different languages and can be downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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    To view the full list of over 314 Job Openings to date, go to Search Jobs.

    Check back regularly, with more jobs from various states in Australia added weekly.

    Wishing you all the best in your job search and in your working holiday adventure!  

  • 10 Mar 2017 11:24 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Finding accommodation on you Working Holiday doesn't have to be difficult or daunting! Follow these steps to help you find the right place. 

    1. Research areas to stay before you arrive

    Before coming to Australia, it is a good idea to plan ahead and book an initial place to stay. Having this accommodation, even a hostel or hotel, is a good starting point until you find a more permanent place to stay. Make sure you read reviews and compare prices through sites such as Hostel-World so you find a suitable place within your budget.

    2. Have a budget

    It's a good idea to plan before hand how much money you can earn and spend on accommodation in Australia. It is important to keep in mind that Australia's rental pricing is quite expensive, especially properties closer to the city. 

    3. Decide on housing

    There are a number of different types of housing that suit a range of people. Private rooms in shared houses and apartments are usually less expensive and better for travelers because you can meet new friends, the houses often come furnished and you don't have to be locked into a long term lease. 

    4. Find a room and housemates

    Online websites such as and are great resources to find fellow travelers and rental properties. Read the descriptions carefully to find a housemate you are compatible with and will get along with before committing to a lease. 

    Sharing or renting an apartment or house is a popular choice with Working Holiday makers for long-term accommodation. It gives you a base and network which you can search for jobs from and then eventually commute to work.


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    To view the full list of over 297 Job Openings to date, go to Search Jobs.

    Check back regularly, with more jobs from various states in Australia added weekly.

    Wishing you all the best in your job search and in your working holiday adventure!  

  • 14 Feb 2017 10:04 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With Australia’s rich and diverse landscape, people and culture- you can tick many memorable experiences off your bucket list. From scuba diving and surfing in Australia’s pristine beaches, to getting up and personal with Australia’s unique wildlife to having your first taste of Vegemite- the list of possibilities are endless!

    To give you some inspiration on what you could experience on you Working Holiday, have a look at ‘Australia’s 30 Before 30 Bucket List.’ 

    If you find yourself completing this list, make sure you keep exploring, working and adding to your own bucket list to make the most of your Working Holiday in Australia. 

  • 03 Feb 2017 10:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Canadian singer-songwriter and pianist Ann Vriend will be touring Australia this month and we have free tickets for you and a friend to give away!! 

    The tickets on offer are for the following shows:

    17th of February in Melbourne at the Paris Cat

    25th of February in Sydney at the 505

    For you chance to win an enjoyable night of fun and soul music email with ‘I’m a Canadian I want Tickets’ in the subject line. 

    Entries close and winners will be drawn at twelve noon on the 6th of February so get your entries in fast!

    You can catch Ann Vriend whilst she is down under in a number of different venues. 

    For dates, location and information on purchasing tickets visit

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    Be Careful When Finding Work

    Take the time to find an ethical and legitimate employer that pays correctly, acts in accordance with your workplace rights and doesn’t try to take advantage of you.

    Don’t enter into work arrangements with people who meet you at regional airports or bus depots.

    Don’t respond to questionable advertisements where there is only a first name and a mobile number provided. Legitimate providers will advertise for workers through more formal media such as newspapers or agencies.

    Know who you are working for. Ask what the business name is and the Australian Business Number (ABN). 

    Know What You Should Be Paid

    For fruit picking, you should be paid at least $22.13 an hour if you’re working on a casual hourly base.

    If you’re on a piece work agreement your pay rate has to allow the average competent employee to earn at least 15% more per hour than the relevant minimum hourly rate in the award, which works out to be $24.79 for a casual employee.

    You may get paid less if you work slowly or are still learning.

    Visit the Piece rates page and select the Horticulture award from the filter to find out how to calculate piece work rates. 

    Keep Your Own Work Records

    Keep a diary of the hours, places and type of work you are doing. 

    Enjoy Your Working Holiday in Australia

    You are on a Working Holiday to make memorable experiences and connections. Help make sure this happens by knowing your rights to ensure you are not exploited by employers and can be treated and paid equitably.

    For more information on your workplace rights visit the Fair Work Ombudsman Website:

    Source: Harvest Trail and Fair Work Ombudsman-

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    To view the full list of over 278 Job Openings to date, go to Search Jobs

    Check back regularly, with more jobs from various states in Australia added weekly.

    Wishing you all the best in your job search and in your working holiday adventure!

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