Job Hunting Tips 

Come travel and work in Australia for a year if you are an 18-30 year old Canadian!

 Doing a Working Holiday may help broaden your perspective of the world and give you the opportunity to:

  • experience different cultures,
  • learn new skills and best practices, and
  • meet people from all walks of life.

On a professional level, research shows that youth with international experience tend to be less likely to experience unemployment because of the personal and professional skills and experience they have gained.

Travel + Work Tips

This site contains government and other useful information to help you navigate and make the most out of your stay in Australia:

  • Jobs Search
  • Resume Writing
  • Workplace Rights
  • 88 Days Regional Work (to be eligible for a second year working holiday)
  • Travel ideas
  • Staying Safe
  • Driving
  • Superannuation (pension)
  • Tax
  • Visa and Customs
  • and more


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